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The growing participation of women in business, politics, law, education, technology, and media is transforming our society, inviting innovative approaches to work, family, and democracy. Reflecting the mission of the university for the 21st Century, the Center for Research on Women and Social Justice brings together scholars, professionals, students, advocates, community leaders, and the concerned public to study women, men, and social justice through intellectual dialogue and scholarly research. Its mission is to facilitate individual and collaborative research, develop new curriculum, and disseminate scholarship to wider publics.

The Center for Research on Women and Social Justice approaches the study of women in culture and society from an interdisciplinary and multicultural perspective, inquiring into the lives of women and men, the impact of cultural notions of gender on society, and the ways that race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, age, and other factors impact on work, family, and democracy. This approach is necessary both to ensure collaborative and individual scholarly investigation and to empower the public through a greater knowledge of the ways that public policies and cultural representations have advanced or impeded women's social and economic progress in terms of ethnicity, class, sexuality, and globalization. Drawing upon diverse methodologies and approaches (qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, textual, historical, applied), the Center initiates and sponsors projects on topics crucial to women's lives in appropriate local, regional, national, and global contexts:

Law and equality · Education and training
Work and family · Wealth and poverty
War and violence · Artistic and creative expression
Health and well-being · Sexuality and psyche
Natural and built environments · Women's movements and feminism



Women's Studies, Disciplinarity, and Interdisciplinarity: Conversations for Change
Hull Lectures in Women and Social Justice
Women Working for Economic Justice: A Research Collaborative
Hull Digital Image Library
Public Engagements


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